Saturday, March 24, 2012

2012 Lithium Rush: Fisker Karma vs Tesla Model S: Video Debate

  Now, finally, we have some models of electric cars to chose from. More models of electric cars are to come and this landscape will be changing very fast.

Electric Cars - You Will Finally Get Some Choice

"Seth Fletcher brings a very important point across - Electric Cars at this stage are all about the choice. Finally, you can have some choice at least with your own mobility. You can plug in and use Domestically produced relatively cheap electricity and support Solar, Wind and other forms of Green Energy at your choice of supplier. And now you know what happens If You Can't Plug Your Car In. More and more people are getting it and the recent hatred campaign against electric cars only confirms the trend. Gas prices are talking for themselves now. Saudi Oil is lost in translation if US and UK are pushed to open Strategic Reserves again and sell cheaper Oil to the happy Chinese buyers.

  Once technology improves, we will have the Switch - when consumers will be switching to the electric cars and create mass market. Demand is already there - we need just to have electric cars which will be better than ICE ones. "iPhone moment"for electric cars will come with the better range and low cost as promised by recent announcements about advance of Lithium Battery Technology and new marketing approach, when Lithium Battery is leased rather that sold with electric car. You will pay monthly fees for the lithium battery lease and all the trouble with warranty will be gone - you can exchange or upgrade your battery. In case of Renault ZE payments are promised to be in line with ICE cars: cars are priced as their "normal" ICE comparable models and your electricity and lease payments per month will be the same as for the Gas at this level, but with rising Gas prices you will get some additional gain."
  It is always very important to remember that at some point in the Gas prices you will be happy to drive Anything or, like in case of China, you are not allowed to buy any, but only electric car in Beijing now - unless you have won the plate lottery.

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