Thursday, January 14, 2010

EVs mass market: Electric cars and concepts at the 2010 Detroit auto show (photos) TNR.v, CZX.v, WLC.v, LI.v, RM.v, LMR.v, CLQ.v, SQM, FMC, ROC, F,

"We have now everything in place for a technology shift which can create Next Big Thing and investment opportunity of the century. Next Big Thing - is a Green Mobility Revolution based on electric cars. It will affect everybody on social and economic level. Electrification will make Right for personal mobility and driving possible without further damage to environment and we will be able continue to enjoy Freedom of Personal Choice even with depleting Oil reserves. Add to this mix Electric beauties like Fisker Karma Sunset above and chart comparison of energy consumption below and you have the receipt for the Next Big Thing in action. Now throw a dash of China, words like Lithium, REE and Energy Security - you can be sure this will lead to excitement and "pockets of explosive growth" even in the very slow economy in general."

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