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EVs mass market: BYD Auto Gets Ready to Deliver e6 Electric Car to U.S. in 2010 - COMPLETE VIDEO TNR.v, CZX.v, BYDDY, WLC.v, LI.v, RM.v, LMR.v, SQM, F

BYD claims the longest range available on the market for the road ready EV with 205 miles. Time will tell very soon whether we can trust this spec. There will be issues with safety testing in US and auto brand recognition, but we think the price will cure a lot of initial market problems and this car will take market by the storm. Whether BYD will be able to make money out of electric cars we are not sure and think that margins will be sacrificed for market penetration in the West and the real driving force will be a conventional vehicles booming sales in China. This scenario will be very positive for our Next Big Thing - price competition in EV space will make electric cars affordable and bring our mass market sooner rather than later with an explosive growth in Lithium and REE Demand. Also of note is the development by BYD Energy utility storage systems for alternative energy, based on Lithium Fe battery technology they will be an integral part of electric future according to the company.
"Now throw a dash of China, words like Lithium, REE and Energy Security - you can be sure this will lead to excitement and "pockets of explosive growth" even in the very slow economy in general."


BYD Auto Gets Ready to Deliver e6 Electric Car
to U.S. in 2010 - COMPLETE VIDEO

DETROIT - January 12, 2010: Chinese automaker BYD showcased their green vehicles today during its press conference at the 2010 North America International Auto Show. With a 5000-square-foot display space, BYD Auto returned to the Cobo Center for the third consecutive year.
On display is BYD's full-electric vehicle e6 and the new version F3DM electric model.
The e6, with five-passenger will be marketed as a family oriented crossover. Features BYD ferrous battery, the e6 with an expected range per charge cycle of 330 km (205 miles ) in cruising mode, an estimated acceleration time from 0-100km/h (0-60mph ) in less than 14 seconds and with a projected top speed of 140km/h(87mph). These characteristics make the e6 ideal for daily commutes, in-town driving and even long distance travel.
The new version F3DM electric vehicle also features BYD Fe (Lithium Fe - S.) battery together with a BYD 371QA 1.0-liter gasoline engine; it will be equipped with the solar panel sunroof, which can be used to channel power to the Fe battery. The F3DM has a range of about 400km (267 miles) on one tank of fuel, with a maximum speed of 160kph (about 100 mph). It can also run for 100km (about 60 miles) powered by Fe battery pack alone.

e6 Design

What sets the e6 apart from other electric vehicles is its size and performance. With current battery capacity limitations, most manufacturers have selected to focus on small, lightweight EVs that stress efficiency over performance and range. Instead, BYD has used its rich history in IT development and cutting edge battery technology and taken an unconventional approach in order to manufacture cars that represent the company’s slogan of Build Your Dreams. These ideas are the underlying philosophy and ideology behind the e6.
The high-tech e6 will be marketed as a family-oriented crossover vehicle boasting the same exterior dimensions of the average family car. The e6 features a spacious interior cabin which will seat 5 comfortably, with substantial legroom and headroom for passengers as well as ample luggage space in the rear of the vehicle. The e6 measures 4554mm (179.3 inches ) long, 1882mm (71.7 inches) wide and1630mm (64.2 inches) tall.

Convenient and Eco-Friendly
The environmentally friendly e6 is a zero-emissions electric vehicle which means it emits no harmful toxic emissions or greenhouse gases. BYD’s new Fe battery takes the green philosophy a step further by only using chemical substances within the battery that are completely recyclable.
About BYDBYD Company Ltd. was established in 1995 and listed on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange (HKEx) in 2002. It developed rapidly to become the world’s second largest rechargeable battery manufacturer in 2003, with the company’s nickel and lithium-ion batteries for mobile phone applications rising to the top of the global market. In 2003 BYD Auto Ltd. was founded as a subsidiary of BYD Company Ltd. following the acquisition of the previously state-owned Tsinchuan automobile company.
Despite the general downturn in the global automotive industry, in the first half of 2009 BYD AUTO has seen a sales increase of 176 percent year on year, for the first time BYD Auto business overtook IT business and contributed 55% in 2009 H1 turnover. As the winner of the most competitive and influential automobile brand in China, BYD Auto sales surged magnificently that BYD has been on top of the domestic auto makers and finished the 2009 sales target 400,000 units ahead of time. At the same time, BYD Company Ltd. is continuing in the research and development of new energy technologies.
BYD Company Ltd. has ten production and R&D facilities in China for the development and manufacturing of IT components, batteries and automobiles. The company has grown into a multinational corporation with 130,000 employees worldwide based in subsidiary offices in the United States, the Netherlands, Denmark, Hungary, Romania, Japan, South Korea, India, Taiwan and Hong Kong.
From the beginning BYD AUTO has focused on the research, development and manufacturing of a wide range of world-class products, including electric vehicles (EVs). To meet the demands of the global consumer BYD AUTO has relied upon their strength and knowledge in R&D to create cost-efficient, durable and unique manufacturing systems which integrate aspects from both the automotive and IT industries.
BYD AUTO already has several large-scale industrial bases in a number of locations around China. In response to increasing market demands the company has plans to enlarge the output facilities in Xi’an as well as building a new base in Changsha for the production of electric buses.
Since its foundation in 2003, BYD AUTO has successfully launched a series of models including the F0, F3, F3R, F6, F3DM, S8, G3,and e6. Over the next several years BYD AUTO will continue to expand its product portfolio to include a range of F-series sedans and hatchbacks, S-series SUVs, M-series MPVs, DM-series Dual Mode hybrid vehicles, e-series electric vehicles and electric buses.
Alongside the development of electric vehicles, BYD AUTO has also devoted time and energy into the exploration of additional alternative energy technologies. At the BYD AUTO headquarters in Shenzhen, there has been development and testing of new energy technology systems including the BYD Energy Storage System (BESS), the BYD Solar Power Storage System (BSPSS), the BYD Wind Power Storage System (BWPSS) and the BYD Home Energy System (BHES). The company hopes to contribute its developments in green technology as a part of the greater solution for the increasingly serious global environmental proble."
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