Thursday, March 12, 2009

Silver consolidation M&A plays, who will be next? SST.v, SLW,, MGN, SBB.v, FVI.v, KS.v, ASM.v, OK.v, EZP.v

With Silver Wheaton SLW taking Silverstone Resources SST.v over, gates into M&A consolidation in Silver sector are wide open. Who will become Consolidator among Silver producers? Who will manage to acquire still undervalued Juniors with millions ounces of silver in the ground? With silver staying over 12 USD most of Juniors are still at 50-60% discount to Summer 2008 levels.

Revett Minerals is on the plate for Mines Management MGN. Company is struggling without cash and still fighting in courts over its permits for the Rock Creek mine. Mines Management is sitting right across the mountain and has no any permitting problems known to us on its Montanore property. If they manage to overtake Revett Minerals they can build the mine from their side and keep Revett's resources for the second stage of underground development. It could be a a very cheap acquisition which will put Mines Management on the radar screens back. Silver Wheaton is holding a strategic investment positions in Revett Minearls of 17% and in Mines Management of 11%. Will Silver Wheaton facilitate the merger between the two?

Another Silver Wheaton strategic investment is Sabina Silver SBB.v with 12% holding and pre-feasibility study stage. Recently company has announced that it will hold on pre-feasility and will continue its exploration to increase the resources. They have just announced further increase in deposit size.

Who will consolidate Mexico Silver plays like Orko Silver OK.v, Avino Silver ASM.v, Esperanza Silver EZP.v and Fortuna Silver FVI.v. Everybody is playing cash flow game now and afraid to touch Juniors without production in sight, the bold ones who believes in silver over 20 USD will make a fortune, like Silver Standard SSRI did when they acquired silver properties with silver still at 5 USD. Will they make it again on the next level?

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