Sunday, January 11, 2009

Obama's stimulus plan - road to 2 Trillion deficit over 16% of GDP in 2009? GDX, AUY, SLW

Oki-doki Kara-oki.
Inherited deficit according to Obama 1.2 trillion dollars in fiscal 2009.
Stimulus plan 775 billion - we are pushing 2 trillion dollar deficit 2009. I guess it will be spread over the years? Where to put another 1 trillion Bill Gross estimated in State and muni bailouts potentially?
GDP in 2010 12.2 trillion projected with 3.7% increase over without stimulus.
So Deficit at 2 trillion dollars is over 16% of GDP 2009 assuming the same GDP as in 2010, which is likely to be less! Should we continue to trash Euro with indebted Italy?
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