Saturday, January 17, 2009

Insiders are Buying actively into Juniors. CDNX, TNR.v, SST.v, CZX.v, OK.v, CNU.v, SBB.v,,

* Indicators represent companies with buy only transactions divided by companies with sell only transactions of direct ownership equity securities or trust units on the public market by officers and directors (exclusive of officers and directors of subsidiaries) filed over the last 60 days. Transactions filed on Saturday and Sunday are aggregated into Friday's number. Information on this site does not constitute a buy or sell recommendation. For a more comprehensive and recent insider sentiment reading, please visit
Insiders are selling for a lot of reasons, but they are buying only in one case: when value of the business which is run by them is apparent and they are expecting best return compare to other opportunities on their own investment.

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