Sunday, June 08, 2014

Kirill Klip.: Tesla Model S UK Launch. Warning: Serious Attention Distraction On The UK Roads Now!

  Kirill Klip reports on the serious attention distraction to hit UK roads now: Tesla Model S invasion begins this weekend!

Kirill Klip.:

Tesla Model S UK Invasion Starts Tomorrow - Elon Musk To Occupy European Hearts Now.

  "UK is still far behind of many countries in the Electric Revolution despite of its huge potential for the mass market for Electric Cars. Its population is quite wealthy and unfortunately every car cost you here the same amount as in US, but in pounds - at least  60% more expensive. UK is famous for its style, fashion and tech innovation, but it has never really transpired into the huge drive for electric cars yet. Which is quite surprising, as petrol prices here are 1.4 pound/l or more than 8 USD/gallon. 
  I think I know the answer and it is coming tomorrow with Tesla Model S - UK was just waiting for The Real Electric Car here "like the normal one, but better! Read more."

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