Sunday, June 08, 2014

Jim Puplava: The Swiss Gold Initiative With Luzi Stamm, Member of the Swiss National Council $TNR.v $MUX $GLD $GDX


  Jim Puplava discusses the groundbreaking developments in Switzerland where the real democracy can be in action now. Even debates about the Gold and Money Printing will be unprecedented on the national level and if this decision finds the support of the people Central Planers will be in horror.

James Rickards On Gold, Its Manipulation And 'Ugly' Financial Crisis to Jolt US Within 5 Years TNR.v MUX GDX GLD ABX NG

  "Jame Rickards gives his master class on our favourite topics. It is the best interview with James Rickards we have seen so far! Crispy clear on all topics: FED, Money printing, Financial Collapse, Wall Street, Gold and its manipulation. JP Morgan and Jamie Dimon takes a special attention it definitely deserves ... Donate your tweets and share for the good cause, please."

The Gold Cartel Crackdown: FSA Fines Barclays For Manipulation Of Gold Price $TNR.v $MUX $ABX $GDX $GLD

  "Manipulation cannot lasts forever even if the very powerful forces are behind it. You already know that we are not talking here just about one trader, one bank or even one country. We are talking here about The Gold Cartel: FED, BIS, Western Central Banks and highest levels of power involved in this masquerade."

Kirill Klip.:

I Vote To End Gold Manipulation: FSA Fines Barclays For Manipulation Of Gold Price - Join Me.

 "Why Gold is so important for everyone, not just for the super wealthy who can afford to put it aside for the rainy day? Gold is the most important indicator of the rate at which FIAT money are losing its value - its real purchasing power. If you can manipulate it - you can pretend that everything is fine and DOW and S&P 500 will beat All-Time-High every month as we have now. But just look below at your childhood McDonalds Menu - something is not so right, isn't it?
  My personal vote is nothing, but if I am not alone it will be finished one day. Please donate your tweet for the good cause and share this post if you want to change it as well."

Jim Puplava’s Big Picture: The Swiss Gold Initiative With Luzi Stamm, Member of the Swiss National Council

"In Jim’s first Big Picture topic Jim speaks exclusively with Luzi Stamm, member of the Swiss National Council, and one of the leaders of The Swiss Gold Initiative. The initiative will mandate no more sales of Swiss gold by the government, have all Swiss gold stored in Switzerland, and back the Swiss currency with 20% gold. Mr. Stamm notes that after hundreds of years, Switzerland has changed from a hard currency country to a soft currency country in just one generation."
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