Sunday, April 27, 2014

Powered By Lithium: Mercedes Benz Electric Car "B Class Electric Drive" ILC.v TNR.v LIT RM.v


Very interesting Electric Car from Mercedes Benz with 122 miles range!
"Here's a first look at Mercedes Benz all-electric "B Class Electric Drive" car. This has a Tesla battery system and powertrain.

It competes with the BMW i3 that just started shipping, but it has a longer range (120 miles) and is more comfortable, bigger and feels better.

The press is getting first look next week and I was the first one to see it, says Mercedes Benz PR."

Powered By Lithium: Electric Car Sales Have Doubled Every Year For Three Years ILC.v TNR.v LIT RM.v

"We have been writing about Electric Cars and Lithium for quite a while now and only a few devoted followers would remember the chart above and our "iPod moment" in this sector. It has finally arrived - Electric Cars are not toys any more and conquering our streets one parking slot at a time. Elon Musk and Tesla Motors has made Electric Cars desirable and fashionable, China will make them unavoidable and will bring the mass market for Electric Cars. Everything is ready now, technology is here and improving every day and strategic materials base is being built up as we speak."

International Lithium: Moving Forward With Strategic Partner Ganfeng Lithium ILC.v TNR.v LIT

  International Lithium has issued the newsletter covering the latest transactions with its strategic partner Ganfeng Lithium from China.

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