Tuesday, April 08, 2014

Peter Schiff: Weak Jobs Report, Weather, US Dollar And Gold MUX TNR.v GLD GDX

  US Dollar has dived again below 80.00 level and closed today at 79.76. A lot of hot plays in NASDAQ in 2013 are in the official bear market now sliding more than 20% from the top. Gold has regained the $1,300 level and closed today at $1,308 with the intraday high of $1,315. Levitation in the markets will be very difficult to create now as the housing market is in a very real slowdown already vs a lot of estimated growth rates totally disconnected from economic reality.
  "Sale In May And Go Away" has already started in April,  while heads on Bubble TV are screaming that it is the buying opportunity and read the Flash Boys by Michael Lewis to understand how you have been "front run" in every markets for years by The Wall Street Insiders.

WEB Bubble 2.0 Bursting, NASDAQ Meltdown And Gold TNR.v ILC.v MUX GDX GLD QQQ DIA SPY

  "WEB Bubble 2.0 is bursting and SOCL - Social Media ETF on the chart above is the very good representation of what is happening with the hot plays of 2013. SOCL ETF is just a notch away from the official bear market with 19.4% decline from its top so far. As we have noted before, the hot IPO market is another sign of the important top in the equity markets, when insiders are selling out at the valuations totally disconnected from the real underlining economic situation." 

Russia should switch to ruble payments with all trading partners - head of VTB Bank

Gold Surges As US Dollar Exit Begins: Russia Largest Bank Halts Foreign Currency Loans MUX TNR.v GLD GDX

 "CS. It did not take long for Putin to start its retaliation against the sanctions and excuse was presented by JP Morgan's block of some payments on the grounds that Bank Rossii was involved in transaction. Bank Rossii was on the list of sanctions and even its issued international credit cards were declined after that. Mr Putin said that he will open his personal account in that bank and now it became really personal. We are not judging who is right in all this mess created by CIA vs KGB 2014 War Games, but ultimately aimed to push China from its path of Dangerously Fast Rising Into Power by all means possible including the last asset of the Falling Empire - Military Industrial Complex. We are just observing the outcome. More."

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