Friday, June 21, 2013

Lithium Drive: Tesla's Fast Pack Swap Event TSLA

Fast Pack Swap Event from Tesla Motors on Vimeo.

  Tesla Motors is charging the Lithium Space for Electric Cars again. Now you have the technology to add to the electric revolution. Better Place business model was wrong, but Battery Swap idea in addition to everything what Tesla has already done is the new edge to drive electric cars further to the mass market stage.

Lithium Drive: Elon Musk: Taxpayers made over $12 million profit on Tesla Motors loan TSLA

 "Now we can tell for sure that the rumours about the death of electric cars are greatly exaggerated and they are here to stay. Tesla Model S is the best advertisement of the 21st century technology on the streets and now they are coming in numbers. For the first time consumers have the alternative without any compromise to the Oil based 19th century technology of controlled combustion under the hood.
  Tesla Motors has become the darling of the Wall Street recently and the money will sip through down the strategic commodities supply chain. Chinese companies are busy now to secure Lithium supply for the new technological revolution based on electric cars, which will allow personal mobility in the fast developing new world without suffocating itself with the pollution."

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