Saturday, June 29, 2013

Jay Taylor Talks Gold Manipulation, Investing, and The Ideal Gold Junior

Citi: Are Gold And Silver Finding A Bottom?

"New Bull Legs are born when the last Bull is throwing into the towel. Chinese liquidity squeeze has ignited the latest round of selling in Paper Gold - Banks are selling what is the most liquid there now. COMEX has got another chance to survive and replenish its inventories on the cheap now. Never Fight The FED!? We should just wait for the revelations of Gold market Manipulation after LIBOR and FOREX manipulations has been exposed. MF Global case could be the first sign of things to come now."

JPM Vault Gold Chronicles: Is Gold at a Turning Point?

"Something is happening for real with the Physical Gold Shortage behind the curtain this time and it can not be contained any more. JP Morgan's Gold Vault is close to be blown up - will all bullion system be under threat after that?"

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