Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Telekom Austria to Charge Electric Cars from Telephone Booths TNR.v, CZX.v, RM.v, LMR.v, WLC.v, CLQ.v, SQM, FMC, ROC, NSANY, BYDDY, RNO, F, GM,

Infrastructure for EV is already existing in form of electric outlets at home and public one will be developed very soon. Fast food restaurants, supermarket and now Telephone Booths will be there waiting for EVs.
"2. EV's Infrastructure.
Charging infrastructure.
We agree with research report and do not see leveraged investment opportunities here. It will be the product of government investments and regulation, like in France at the moment - you have to incorporate charging points in any real estate development. Supermarkets and fast food chains will build it up to attract customers, utilities will provide it to comply with new regulations. better place - better think hard how to move in the value chain to stay in this game.
Smart grid applications for EVs.
It will be another technology game and big guys are moving into this space like GE, Google and Siemens. Place will be crowded. Whom will they be buying later?
Electrification Roadmap
After sale service for EVs.
This will be an area for a small business applications


­Telekom Austria is launching a prototype telephone booth with an integrated charging station for electric cars. Following commercial launch, charging stations will offer the possibility to pay via mobile phone using text messages, paybox or a RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) card with a RFID chip.
Telekom Austria Group's charging stations will leverage the existing infrastructure: Currently, the company operates roughly 13,500 telephone booths countrywide, of which 700 are multimedia stations. In the first rollout phase, the focus will be on multimedia stations that offer on-street parking opportunities for electric vehicles. By installing additional charging points, each telephone booth will be able to recharge more than one vehicle at a time. By year-end 2010 a total of 30 charging stations will go on stream.
Hannes Ametsreiter, CEO Telekom Austria Group, said: "We are bundling our strengths from different corporate segments to realize this highly innovative project: We are combining the company's fixed net infrastructure with our long-standing expertise in the mobility area, for instance, with successful services such as mobile parking. This also applies to mobile payment and identification systems, where we can rely on the proven industry track record of paybox austria."
The company added that it will use renewable energy to operate its charging station network."
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