Sunday, May 09, 2010

EU Readies Emergency Fund Said to Be $645 Billion to Fight Off `Wolfpack' ABX, TNR.v, GG, AEM, AUY,, EPZ.v, ASM.v, MGN, KTN.v, GBN.v,,

"Corporate default was exchanged on sovereign one, all bailouts were not more than transferring obligations from failed banks and other Corporations to the public finance. Bonuses were left with bankers, losses were privatised with public. Now we have on outskirts of Europe with less than 4% of EU GDP fireworks which suppose to end Euro legacy in wain. Do not rush to trash the Euro yet. Sovereign default is very different from corporate one. If the debt is issued in local currency it could be always printed more in order to repay it. U.S. Corp. is living in this space for years, UK is there and Europe will have to decide and move in support of Greece to prevent the run on the bank and collapse of the following PIIGS members."


European Union finance ministers moved toward agreement on an unprecedented loan package worth at least $645 billion to prevent Greece’s fiscal woes from triggering a broader sovereign-debt crisis and shattering confidence in the euro.
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