Sunday, December 06, 2009

Lithium and REE: ESB expects majority of electric cars by 2035 TNR.v, CZX.v, WLC.v, LI.v, RM.v, CLQ.v, SQM, FMC, ROC, AVL.o, RES.v, QUC.v, NSANY, BYDD

This junior is involved in Lithium development in Ireland.
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"ESB expects majority of electric cars by 2035

06 December 2009 By Eibhir Mulqueen

The head of the ESB’s new electric vehicle division has said that he expects the vast majority of fossil-fuelled cars in Ireland to be replaced by electric vehicles by 2035.Paul Mulvaney said the Irish project to introduce electric vehicles as the first choice for motorists would be a flagship one internationally.He has ordered the installation of the first of hundreds of plug-in charging points on streets and in car parks across the country.The first charging points, supplied by Carra Ireland, a provider of intelligent traffic management systems, will be installed in Dublin and Cork. Over time, the charging points, which look like bollards, will replace petrol stations as the fuelling point for motorists, according to Mulvaney.‘‘It’s a new technology, it’s a new industry. It’s very much happening as we speak," he said. The ESB will also be installing charging points in motorists’ homes, where they will typically use cheaper, nighttime electricity. Mulvaney said that, while there were currently very few electric vehicles being operated, the car industry was building up to 2011 for the first major launch of the next-generation vehicles.Meanwhile, the government has an advance order agreement with Renault-Nissan for 2,000 electric vehicles to be delivered next year. Its intermediate target is for 6,000 electric vehicles to be in use by 2013, as it seeks to reduce the state’s carbon footprint."
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