Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Electric Cars: Danish prince drives Electric Fisker to Copenhagen TNR.v, CZX.v, WLC.v, LI.v, RM.v, CLQ.v, SQM, FMC, ROC, RES.v, AVL.to, CCE.v, QUC.v,

This is our Ultimate Electric Car marketing tool in action, this time with HRH Frederik.
"This is what we call the "Cool Factor", it is above and below. It is bold, streamlined and ready to take off. It is your statement about your values. It is not Cheap in any sense and it is a way to go, at least for us - this is what we would like to have on a drive way. Did we mention that it is Electric Hard Hybrid with lithium-ion battery? We did, hundred times already - Electric cars are not Vacuum Cleaners with wheels any more. They are piece of art and coming in numbers. Karma Fisker is an ultimate marketing tool for Electric Revolution to happen. Money in Lithium and REE will be made with EV's mass market saturated with Nissans, Renaults, BYDs and Revas. Mass market wild fire will be started by Cars like Karma."

New Car Net:
Danish prince drives Fisker to Copenhagen

The Crown Prince of Denmark is on his way to the COP15 UN Climate Conference events in Copenhagen driving a Fisker Karma plug-in hybrid car.
The prototype saloon, developed by American automaker Fisker Automotive, can travel 50 miles emission-free on a single charge of its Lithium-ion battery.The Karma can travel an additional 250 miles on a range extending generator turned by an efficient four cylinder petrol engine. Economy is 2.4L/100km and emissions of just 83g/km CO2 - better than today's best hybrids. Still, the Karma can reach 62mph in about 6 seconds and exceed 125mph.HRH Prince Frederik is due to arrive in the Fisker Karma at the Hopenhagen event at Raadhuspladsen around 4pm."
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