Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Martin Katusa: End of Petrodollar - Russia to Help Kill U.S. Dollar.

Rob McEwen Live On Gold, Silver And Los Azules Copper Potential Value Based on Lumina Copper Buyout.

Jim Rickards & Peter Schiff Discuss Global Gold Markets. $TNR.v $MUX $GLD $GDX $RGLD $ABX

  "Jim Rickards and Peter Schiff are explaining the complex global geopolitical situation as the part of the ongoing Currency Wars leading to The Death Of Money. BRICS Bank is the very important development among these very difficult economical and financial issues and its rising as alternative to IMF will play the very important role in the destiny of US Dollar and Gold."

Jim Puplava: The Swiss Gold Initiative With Luzi Stamm, Member of the Swiss National Council $TNR.v $MUX $GLD $GDX

  "Jim Puplava discusses the groundbreaking developments in Switzerland where the real democracy can be in action now. Even debates about the Gold and Money Printing will be unprecedented on the national level and if this decision finds the support of the people Central Planers will be in horror."

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