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Lithium Drive: 4 charts that show the slow but steady progress of electric cars


  Electric Cars are here to stay. Too many vested interests would like you to think otherwise, but this progress can not be stopped now.

Oil Smoke and Mirrors

 "Shale Oil will save us all? Peak Oil  is the forbidden subject now - millions were spent on mass media just to bring the false security, but it is out there and we have only a very small time gap before it."

Powered By Lithium: Electric Cars Revolution - Elon Musk: "It Is here - Tesla Models S Made In USA"


4 charts that show the slow but steady progress of electric cars

One of the biggest challenges for the electric car business in the U.S. has been unreasonable projections. The reality is that sales of electric cars, installations of public charging stations and the valuation of industry leader Tesla are all going up.
It’s not all bankruptcies and lost government loans in the world of electric cars. Beneath the headlines about hard times for the companies, there’s a steady trickle of customers buying electric cars, charging stations being built, and at least one electric car company eking out a profit for the first time. The following charts point to some bright spots for electric cars in 2013.

Electric car sales are steadily increasing.

Electric car sales (HEVs, EREVs and BEVs), source: EDTAJan. 2010March 2010July 2010Nov. 2010March 2011July 2011Nov. 2011March 2012July 2012Nov. 2012April 20130k20k40k60k

More electric car purchases leads to more public charging stations.

Public charging stations, source: Dept. of Energy via AutoblogDec. 2012Jan. 2012Feb. 2013March 2013April 20135,0005,2005,4005,6005,8006,000

Not all models will succeed. Sales of Nissan’s LEAF, GM’s Volt, Tesla’s Model S:

Electric car salesJan.2012Feb.2012March2012April2012May2012June2012July2012Aug.2012Sept.2012Oct.2012Nov.2012Dec.2012Jan.2013Feb.2013March2013April20130k1k2k3k4k

Tesla, the beacon of the electric car industry, hits an all-time-high stock price.

TSLA Chart

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