Friday, August 31, 2012

Charging EV in Canada Made Easy - Installing a level 2 electric vehicle charging station

Nova Scotia Power:

As the primary provider of electricity in Nova Scotia, we want to help facilitate positive experiences for customers interested in purchasing an electric vehicle. Some of the most common questions have to do with how the vehicles are charged and what's required to install a charging system. The video below will help answer some of these questions, and guide you through the process of installing a Level 2 charging station at your home or business.

Peak Oil: DON'T WORRY, DRIVE ON: Fossil Fools & Fracking Lies

"In recent months we've seen a spate of assertions that peak oil is a worry of the past thanks to so-called "new technologies" that can tap massive amounts of previously inaccessible stores of "unconventional" oil. "Don't worry, drive on," we're told."

Oil Shock - There's No Tomorrow.

  "This animation deserves to be posted one more time. Post Carbon Institute has produced a brilliant documentary "There Is No Tomorrow", which we highly recommend to watch everybody. You can personally judge our progress now."
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