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John Wisbey Is Pleased To Report: After Granting Himself Options And Convertible Debenture At 8.5 Cents He Can Become The Largest Shareholder Of International Lithium.

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It will be very interesting what kind of questions ILC shareholders will be asking "the new management":

International Lithium Announces Convertible Debenture Private Placement

"Vancouver, B.C. March 29, 2018: International Lithium Corp. (the “Company” or “ILC”) (TSX VENTURE: ILC) announces, further to its news release of March 23, 2018, that it will conduct a non-brokered private placement (the “Private Placement”) of a secured convertible debenture (the “Debenture”) in the principal amount of up to CAN $1,180,000 with John Wisbey, Chairman, CEO and a significant shareholder of the Company. The Debenture will mature on June 19, 2019 and bear interest at a rate of 15% per annum, payable quarterly.  The lender may convert at any time, all or a portion of the convertible loan principal into common shares of the Company at a price of CAN $0.085 per common share, being the closing trading price of ILC shares on March 28, 2018. Should Debenture conversion take place more than one year after closing, the conversion price will be CAN $0.10 per common share.
The Debenture will be secured by a general security agreement against the Company’s assets.
Mr. Wisbey currently owns or controls 2,261,000 common shares of the Company, representing 2.39% of the outstanding shares, and securities convertible or exercisable into 6,255,943 common shares.  If all these securities were converted or exercised (and if no others of the same class were converted or exercised) this would represent 8.45% on a diluted basis.  Should the CAN $1,180,000 Debenture and all other securities be converted, Mr. Wisbey would own 22,399,296 shares, representing 19.52% on a diluted basis,  calculated on the basis of  no other securities of the same class being converted. If the new convertible debenture were converted in full,  Mr. Wisbey would become the largest shareholder of the Company."

It looks like "the new management'" has to learn the business they are Taking Over first - before rushing more NRs or "printing cheap shares and options for themselves":

International Lithium Provides Corporate Update

Question 1 "In total, the Company needs to raise around CAN $5 million of finance in 2018 to meet its commitments to fund Mariana, Avalonia (???) and pay staff and suppliers."

Avalonia was fully funded by Ganfeng Lithium on January 11, 2018.

International Lithium Reports $1 million Budget for the Avalonia Lithium JV, Ireland

"January 11, 2018 The ownership of the Avalonia project is currently 55% GFL and 45% ILC. GFL have an option to earn an additional 24% by either incurring CDN$10 million expenditures on exploration activities or delivering a positive feasibility study on the project, at which time the ownership will be 79% GFL and 21% ILC."

Question 2 "This week the Company has drawn down around CAN $200,000 of short term financing from John Wisbey out of a total being made available by John Wisbey of CAN $1,180,000. The funds were used to pay and cure a Mariana cash call that was in default, pay an accounting fee to allow completion of the year-end financial statements so that they can be filed on time, and to pay certain other overdue creditors." 

How everything was done with just $200,000? Is Ganfeng suddenly in love with John Wisbey and ILC does not have to pay cash calls in full amounts on time?

Question 3 "The new management needs to address the level of risk that the Company has consequently been placed in, including meeting the need to pay staff and suppliers as well as meet the cash calls on Mariana and other projects."

All "other projects" were funded by JV Partners in January 2018?

International Lithium Announces Completion of Successful Drill Program at Mavis Lake Lithium Project

"February 19, 2018

About the Mavis Lake Lithium Project 
The Mavis Lake Project is situated 19 kilometres east of the town of Dryden, Ontario.  The Project is ideally situated in close vicinity to the Trans-Canada highway and railway major transportation arteries linking larger cities such as Thunder Bay, Ontario, to the southeast and Winnipeg, Manitoba, to the west.
The current drill program is wholly funded by Pioneer as part of its earn-in on the Mavis Lake Project (see Company news release dated March 14, 2016).

The Mavis and Raleigh projects are under option to strategic partner Pioneer Resources Limited (ASX: PIO) pursuant to which Pioneer can acquire up to a 51% interest in the projects."

Update: Thank you, we have received more questions for "the new management" of ILC to answer:

More Questions:

4. What else "the new management" has forgotten to report and/or reported "what looks like "materially different" compared to the real statements of facts"? When the NRs are coming to clarify the continuous disclosure for ILC for shareholders? 

5. Has company granted any options at this "what looks like "artificially depressed" share price level"? Who has voted on it? Are they the same directors who are getting these options? Are they conflicted and interested parties? Has "new management" used this created opportunity to "what looks like can be maybe qualified" as "unlawful enrichment"?

6. Is company in default on any of its obligations?

7. Is company in a cross default on any of its obligations?

8. Who has voted and approved Change of Control at ILC?

9. Who has voted and approved this "financing" at such "what seems to be an "artificially depressed" share price level"? Are they the same people who are getting this Convertible Debenture? Are they conflicted and interested parties? Has "new management" used this created opportunity to "what looks like can be maybe qualified" as "unlawful enrichment"?

You can leave us your questions in comments to this post or send them directly.

More questions are coming ...

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